Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review of Mamagoto , Gurgaon .

I am a unabashed fan of brand Mamagoto so readily agreed to meet up with a friend for dinner at their Gurgaon restaurant which I hadn't visited earlier . The restaurant  is nice and open , and unlike the other branches there is lots of space and light AND is not noisy at all ( my nightmare at Khan Market ) even though it was choc o block full.

We settled down to have a couple of drinks , and ordered a dish vegetable tempura to munch on. I was a bit skeptical as in a lot of places my vegetable tempura experience hasn't been too great , and often have had to suffer what looks and tastes like pakoras . However these were light , white and crunchy , and came with an assortment of delicious dips. A very good start to a meal.I now view vegetable tempura with new respect !
For dinner we ordered Tangtze River Grilled Fish topped with pickled red and green chillies . Spicy flavors typically Hunanese . The fish is served with a hot ,sweet and sour sauce , a brilliant ensemble of flavors.A must have if you enjoy a spicy dish.

Chicken in Shezwan sauce is a favorite of mine  .This dish stands out as the Shezwan Chilli Paste and the Black Vinegar used in it are genuine Chinese which sets it apart from the run of the mill ones you get .Order a sticky rice with this dish and you have yourself a delicious and complete meal .
The only downer for me was the Papaya Salad. I found it too sour . They don't use carrots in the salad so perhaps the sweetness wasn't balanced out well .
This was a delicious meal , enhanced with great service and a very reasonable tab . I will happily head back and probably order the same once more at lease.


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  2. I haven't tasted Tangtze River Grilled Fish. I am curious to order the same it looks like a good choice. You have shared a delicious food recipe ideas and that will help me to learn better.