Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Restaurant review - Guppy by ai , New Delhi

Guppy by AI being caught me by surprise . You cannot but help wear a big smile on your face when you enter the restaurant - playful vibrant colors , lots of light and feeling of space engulf you and the first thought that came to my mind was " what fun " ! This gem of a restaurant serves Japanese food with a subtle twist . I was a vegetarian today and wondered what I would find on the menu - I needn't have worried I was spoilt for choices.Vegetarian food apparently is their USP
We started with a Red Miso Soup served with a crunchy house salad . The soup was outstanding , the seaweed ( Wakame ? ) and spring onions gave a beautiful flavor. A small bowl of steamed and salted Soy Bean Pods kept us busy while we waited for the other courses . I was informed by Executive Chef Vikram Khatri that the soya pods were imported from Japan as only those were guaranteed to be insect free and could be eaten without peering into each pod !

Chili Lime Dressed Agedashi Tofu was nice and tangy  .What I did enjoy was their gluten free Mushroom Goyoza - a steamed dumpling with a crispy fried base - very unusual ! 
The star of the meal was the Vegetable Harumaki - crisp baked vegetable rolls , totally exotic and a must have .

Sushi - Lovely Asparagus Tempura along with Japanese Vegetable Rolls topped with a kimchi dressing , could make a meal on them.
For mains we went with a Terikyaki glazed artichoke dish which came with a tofu served on a bed of asparagus - again excellent , as was their sticky fried rice with garlic flakes .I didn't care for their Rayu Noodles as I couldnt understand the flavors or maybe I was simply stuffed .

If you want to eat the ultimate carrot cake head to Guppy - it's not dense like most , it's light , spongy and totally worth every calorie !
Guppy , just as the name sounds is a fun eating place where they serve some seriously delicious food !

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