Saturday, 12 October 2013

Peanut coconut Rabadi / Rabri

2 Liters Full Cream Milk
1/2 Coconut .
Jaggery / Gur to taste.( Substitute with brown sugar )
1 Cup Lightly Roasted Peanuts ( Roughly pounded once )

Grate coconut from the thin side of the grater/shredder.
Boil milk till reduced to half.
Take a heavy bottom pan , add 1 tablespoon ghee , saute the coconut till it's milk conten begins to dry out - about 5 minutes. Now add 1/2 Cup grated gur / jaggery to the coconut and cook another minute . Once it all melts add the milk slowly , stir to ensure a creamy texture. Bring to a rolling boil to blend all flavors . Taste , add more gur if needed . When satisfied with the taste take off heat and add peanuts . Allow the rabri to cool , refrigerate and serve chilled.You get an amazing taste of crunchy peanuts and a heavenly rabri .

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