Monday, 14 October 2013

Dashin / Dussera - Nepals most auspecious festival


Dashin is Nepals longest and most auspicious festival , celebrated for 15 days .People pay homage to the various forms of the Supreme Goddess, Durga during this period which als commemorates the victories of the god and goddesses over the demons and symbolizes the victory of the good over the evil.
The first day is known as "Ghatasthapana " , and jowar/ corn etc is planted in an earthen container and kept in a dar place . Nurtured by sprinkling water people watch with great anticipation to see how tall and light their ' khetri ' will grow - to most it symbolizes a direct link to their anticipated wealth in the coming year ! The ' crop ' is then cut and used as a part of the ' tilak / tikka ' by placing it behind the ear.
Needless to add the grand finale is a huge feast of meat and fat ... did I mention booze ? That's the main ' prasad ' for a large majority !

Sikandalous Cuisine


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