Thursday, 8 August 2013

Royal China , New Delhi - A review

I have been planning on revisit Royal China for a long time , somehow that never happened until today when I found myself bang next to the restaurant getting my UK visa .The restaurant is on the 16TH floor and has a spectacular view of Delhi , we were fortunate to get a table by the window which was great .
An extensive menu with a lot of delicious options , we took the easy way out and settled for what they call The Royal China Tasting Banquet - a menu with a lot of their signature dishes which after tax comes to about Rs 2000/- per head. Not bad for the huge variety and generous portions.
The appetizers were all delicious. Chicken Red Chili , a Corn Curd served with a lovely mint sauce and the very delectable Crispy Seaweed - an absolute winner .
The dim sum course was good , nothing to complain or rave about .The second course - Aromatic Duck crispy , crunchy and spectacular as always .
For mains we opted for Chicken which was very good , double fried pork was nice as were the green beans . Fish in chili oil was mediocre , basa I suspect .The desserts were lovely - Sesame Coated Toffee Banana with ice cream and what they called honey noodles - kind of shakarparas - real good stuff.

 I do think they need to light up the room a bit and do something about the all black loos and attend to the parquet flooring which seems to be coming apart in a few places .Overall the meal was a very satisfying one , maybe lacking that certain oomph factor , nonetheless a wonderful meal put together . The service - impeccable .

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