Monday, 12 August 2013

Review of Sunday Brunch , Yum Yum tree , New Delhi

Sunday brunch at Yum Yum Tree - I hadn't returned to the restaurant after Delhi Gourmet Club's two dinners there almost a year ago . My friends raved about the brunch and this Sunday I happily found myself there with them.Fortunately we had a booking as the restaurant was packed .
To say it's a generously extensive feast is an understatement . How they manage to cater to 168 people almost at the same time says a lot for Varun and his team as neither service nor the quality was compromised - everything fresh and beautifully plated.
Starters salads - Burmese Tomato and Shredded Snow Peas were our undoing as we gorged on them.

Sushi I had expected would be tops which it was .We went through an extensive variety -Tuna Sashimi , Spicy Salmon , Boston Spider Roll With Soft Shell Crab , Asparagus Tempura Roll amongst a few others . What stood out was the Prawn Tempura Roll - Yum Yum ! We got a tasting of Foie Gras and Truffle Gunkan Sushi - to my palate it sounded better than it tasted though the others loved it .

The Dim Sum had me floored - encased in thin translucent wraps , they were light and beautifully made . I didn't get that ' maida ' taste which happens in most places. These were the best I have eaten in recent times.I could head back there just for these .

For mains we greedily went through Basil Chicken ( excellent ) , BBQ Ribs ( Brilliant ) and very nice Miso Prawns. I didn't care for the beans - crunchy they were ,but didn't do anything for me , nor did the Prawn Tempura though the Veg one was crunchy and lovely

Desserts - old favorites New York cheese Cake and Bailey's Creme Brulee  were superb. I will happily head back once a month for this delicious feast as I am for now hooked !

Sikandalous Cuisine


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