Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pondicherry Chicken

This recipe is adapted from ' The Pondicherry Kitchen ' - an interesting cookbook by Lourdes Tirouvanziam Louis .Traditional recipes from the Indo French Quarters are showcased here . This is a spicy & garlicky recipe .

1 Kg Chicken - 12-14 Pieces.
Step One :
1/4 Coconut - Grate , roast and make a paste of.

Step Two:
Make powder of :
1 Tablespoon Jeera Seeds.
2 Tablespoons Coriander Seeds.
15 Dry Red Chilies ( Adjust )
2 Teaspoons Black peppercorns.
1/ Teaspoon Methe Seeds.
Dry roast the above spice and make and grind to a paste.

Step Three:
20-25 Unpeeled Garlic Cloves
15 Curry Leaves
Pound the above coarsely.

Heat two tablespoons oil , add 1 small piece cinamon , bay leaf . Next add 10 whole garlic cloves , 4 onions minced and fry till onions are golden brown. Now add the grated coconut ( step 1 ) & masala paste ( Step 2 ) , cook with haldi and salt 2-3 minutes and then add 4 tomatoes - chopped / pureed. Cook till oil separates.

Now add chicken , cook chicken till golden brown , adding a bit of water as needed . When chicken is 90% done add ( Step Three ) - Garlic curry leaves . Please note garlic and curry leaves are incorporated at the end - gives a rustic flavor to the dish.Cook to finish.

When chicken is done , add 1 tablespoon Tamarind Paste , 1 teaspoon sugar - adjust flavors.
This is delicious and spicy . Tastes best a day later.Please cook it on low heat to extract all the flavors gently.


  1. I'm not the world's greatest or most enthusiastic cook but your blog has inspired me to get out the chopping board and have a go.

  2. This is really late after this was posted, but this recipe is a mess. Put ingredients in a list, then the instructions. Don't mix and match them and use different terms - like powder and paste. I could figure it out, but it's not likely many will.