Thursday, 11 April 2013

Restaurant Review - Rollmall ,Defense Colony Market , New Delhi

 Rollmaal is a delightful concept .The restaurant has a happy feel to it , you will smile your way through your meal , what with all that delicious food , the fun interiors and music .Good old Rolls got reinvented with many an interesting fillings , a bonus for vegetarians as Janti Dugal used her talent and imagination to come up with some delicious rolls.
What's nice is that you get to choose the type of roti/paratha you want ( 4 options ) and the filling ( 12 choices  ), so there is something for every discerning palate. Keema Pao and Bandra Vada Pao , again superb!The Choorma Papad that comes with each roll is superb too.
I tasted all the 12 fillings , Murg Tikka masala , Chettinad Southy , Alu Til and Purani Dili Ka Seikh were brilliant. Andhra Mutton was my favorite .
The story doesnt end on a roll , you have ' Doosra Maal ' which includes Biryani , Pindi Channa ( brilliant ! ), Boneless Mutton Curry and a few other options. All this was washed down with Rollu's Desi Remix - a must have nimbu pani of sorts .We ended the meal with a sweet and delicious note - Gulab Jamuns which were very good ,what was excellent was the Honey Date Phirni.
Will head back soon for some delicious Maal !
Average cost wont be above 250 -300 per head I feel.
Located at Defense Colony Market , New Delhi,India


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