Sunday, 28 April 2013

Adrak Ki Chutney
Adapted from The Essential Andhra Cookbook

This is delicious , no other words to explain it ! Tweak to taste and eat it with just about anything . I had dollops on hot rice - Bliss .

1Walnut Sized Lump Tamarind - In1/2 cup warm water , extract pulp .
%0 Grams Ginger - peel and chop fine.
1 Tablespoon Jaggery.
2 Tablespoons Sesame Oil.
1 Teaspoon Mustard Seeds - I used black ones.
6-8 Curry Leaves.
! teaspoon Cumin Seeds.
1 Teaspoon Minced Garlic.
5-6 Dry Red Chilies.

Fry Ginger in oil for 2-3 minutes , remove from oil -retaining as much oil as possible in the pan - if need be , add a dash more.Grind ginger with tamarind and jaggery , set aside .
In the same oil splutter cumin and mustard seeds , then add the rest , fry 1 minute . Cool and pound to a coarse texture , NOT a smooth powder .Mix with tamarind ginger paste , adjust flavors and go for it !

Sikandalous Cuisine

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