Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Crispy Crunchy Bhindi Karela Pyaaz

Crispy Crunchy Bhindi Karela Pyaaz

This is a lovely dish , eat as a snack or with your meal .
Slice bhindi long and thin or into discs.
Scrape Karelas , salt them , gently squeeze and wash . Dry and slice long and thin/ in discs.
Onions also sliced long and thin .
Green chilies with a slit.
In a wok with plenty of oil deep fry small batches of the vegetables separately .Always fry small quantities or else the oil cools down and you dont get uniformly crunchy vegetables.Strain on an absorbant paper . Let the deep fried vegetables cool down and become real crispy . Mix , sprinkle chat masala / amchoor/salt red chili powder to taste .Delicious !

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