Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Review - The Kitchen Khan Market , New Delhi.

The Kitchen Khan Market , New Delhi.

The Kitchen is a tiny 25 seat cafe , has a nice enough ' rustic chic ' feel  to it even though the seating is very cramped .Famous for their Khao Suey , they have a well priced menu which offers dishes from various cuisines , and I am not about to go back to check those out !

We ordered a Caesar Salad and Khao Suey . In the past the Khao Suey was reasonably okay , however over the years something changed and this time around something strange appeared when Khao Suey was served .It was heavy coconut milk/cream/oil with tough pieces of chicken and awful noodles which were chewy , the kind sold in bulk . No amount of condiments / seasoning could conjure up an acceptable dish .They claim on the walls to have served 311119 Khao Suey over the past 5 years which means they must sell aprox 170 bowls a day - not bad for a 25 seater restaurant !

The Caesar Salad came soaking in mayo , again with tough chicken bits and Parmesan cheese left to ones imagination-  I couldn't see or taste it .
In their defense the table next to ours seemed to enjoy what they were eating , which did look good .  The service is friendly and efficient , prices reasonable and if it's been around 5 years , I guess they must be doing something right , but not in the Khao Suey bowl for certain !

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  1. very rare of you to review a restaurant, seems you did not like it