Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hara Masala Chops

A recipe By Divya Rahimtula

1 kg mutton chops (ask for double, meaty chops)
300 Gms curd (preferably a day or two old, slightly soured)
2 table spoons adrak lasan paste
1 teaspoon Shazeera
2 sticks dalchini
5 lavang
3-4 choti Illaichi
15 pepper corns
5 table spoons birista ( Fried onions. If you don’t have them handy,  thinly slice 3 large onions and fry them  before cooking the chops)
3 tablespoons( better if it is four)   cooking oil
Wet Grind together-  1 bunch coriander ,  ½ bunch mint and 6-7 green chillies. You can add more chillies to spice up the chops.
 Thoroughly wash and then marinate the chops in dahi, adrak lasan, salt to taste, pinch of turmeric, and the fried onions. ( If you don’t have the  onions ready, you can fry them as you go along  your cooking.
Heat the oil in a large,  flat,  heavy bottomed   pan. Not a pateela.  Add all the garam masala….shazeera, dalchini, lavang, elaichi  and pepper corns. In case you have to brown onions, add the onions at this stage and let them fry to a deep golden brown. Now add the marinated chops, cover and let them cook for a good one hour on a medium to low  flame.  Tempting to use a pressure cooker but please don’t. Give yourself enough time to  let it cook in a covered pan on medium  for half an hour and then on simmer for the next half. Once the chops are almost completely tenderized and done then add the  ground  green paste. After a good stir, let it simmer for another 10 minutes till the chops are moist but not dry and the oil gently rises to the surface.  In Hyderabadi cooking this is the most important and  delicate stage and is called “dum”. Twenty percentH of the cooking is done by the heat of the  dish itself and on a very low flame. Please do not overcook at this point or the hara masala  becomes black instead of a nice dark green, and the freshness of the mint is lost.
Serve  with a sheermal, bread, or pain rice and a tomato and onion kachumar.

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