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Chettinad Mutton Biryani

Chettinad Mutton Biryani ( Tamil Nadu )
Adapted from a recipe by Pritbha Karan's cookbook ' Biryani '

The Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu , home of the Tamil Chettinars is known for it's fiery cuisine . This biryani has plenty of ground chillies and what's unique here is that the raw rice is marinated in ghee , which enhances the flavors of the dish giving it a unique taste .

1 Kg Mutton - Medium size pieces from the shoulder.

Step A:
2 Tablespoons Garlic Paste.
1 Tablespoon Ginger paste.
15 Green Chillies. ( or as per taste )
1/2 Cup Green Coriander Chopped.
4 Tomatoes Chopped.
1/2 Cup Yogurt.
Marinate the mutton in a mixture of all items in step A for an hour.

1/2 Kg Rice - wash rice and marinate in 1 tablespoon ghee till ready to use.
4 Onions Thinly Sliced.

Step B
1 Bay leaf.
15 Cloves.
7-8 Green Cardamons
1" Stick Cinnamon.
1 Teaspoon Black Peppercorn Freshly Roasted and Powdered.
1 Tablespoon Fennel Seeds , Freshly Roasted And Powdered.

Heat 1/2 cup oil , fry all spice under ' Step B ' for 30 seconds or so , then add onions and fry onions till golden brown , then add the mutton and cook till oil separates . When mutton is nicely brown and masala cooked , add some water and cook mutton covered for 30 minutes till tender.

Add rice , and enough hot water so as to reach 1" above the surface of the mutton and rice .Cook over high heat for a minute and then over low heat for 15-20 minutes till rice is tender.

Let the rice stand under it's own ' dum ' till ready to serve.

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  1. sir,please enlighten me of ratio of masalas if the meat and rice are in equal proportions.