Monday, 16 July 2012

Red Pepper Pancakes ( Stuffed with Mushroom & Goat Cheese )

Red Pepper Pancakes ( Stuffed with Mushroom & Goat Cheese )
Makes 4 Small Pancakes.

For Pancakes:
1 Red Bell Pepper .
2 Tablespoons Flour.
1 Egg yolk .
1 Egg White ( whipped till stiff ).
1/2 Tablespoon Oil.
1 Tablespoon Milk ( only use if the batter is too thick , this will depend upon the size of your pepper too ! )

Coat the pepper with oil and roast either in an oven or on the flame till charred . Cool , remove burnt skin and seeds. Blitz to a thick paste . Mix the balance ingredients except for egg white into the pepper paste , you may add some garlic too. Whip egg white till stiff and gently fold into the pepper batter .
Lightly oil a pan and spoon enough batter , make round and cook covered till done. Don't flip the pancake while cooking .( save 1 Tablespoon red pepper paste for later use )

The Filling :
1 Packet Mushrooms.
2 Tablespoons Soft Goat Cheese.
Seasoning To Taste.

Cut mushrooms , I also added some chopped red pepper ( had an additional 1/4 piece ) and cooked over very high heat in a bit of olive oil without adding salt . When almost done add the tablespoon pepper paste , remove from heat . When cool mix the cheese , taste and add salt if needed .

Place the pancake with the bottom cooked part on the top so that when you stuff it and fold it you get this nice reddish / pink surface on the top ! Simply spoon half the pancake surface with the filling and fold the other half over it . An elegant and satisfying dish !.

The filling here is only a suggestion , use whatever you have handy or that you fancy.

Recipe From Sikandalous Cuisine

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