Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pepeta Per Eeda - Egg Cooked On Potatoes

Pepeta Per Eeda
( Eggs Cooked On Potatoes )
Recipe adapted from Bhicoo Manekshaw's Recipe.

4 Eggs .
2 Medium Sized Onions Sliced.
3 -4 Medium Sized Potatoes ( peel , slice in medium thick discs and boil till done but firm ).
3 Tomatoes ( 2 Chopped 1 Pureed )
1 Teaspoon Minced Garlic.
1 " Ginger sliced ( Matchstick ).
Green Chilies - Optional.
Chili Powder to Taste.
Chopped Coriander .

Saute onions till medium brown , add tomatoes and all the spice , ginger and garlic , cook covered on low. When tomatoes are done but mixture not dry -add the potatoes , gently stir to coat them .
Arrange potatoes by moving them around the pan to form a base with the tomato mixture on top . Make 4 depressions in the base by pressing a spoon to break the potatoes , break an egg and gently into each depression . Sprinkle with salt , coriander and green chilies . Cook covered on low till eggs are done .
Use as many eggs as you like , I didn't need more than 4 so kept it to that number , which gave me a nice balance between the alu bhaaji and eggs !

A wholesome and delicious dish from a Parsee kitchen !

Sikandalous Cuisine


  1. chakchouka! is this a parsi dish? I'm guessing it's been brought over from north africa.. like the Tunisian chakchouka

  2. Hmmm Parsee Iranis , no saying where the dish traveled from , what I know is that its delicious !

  3. Looks like a wonderful recipe! Sometimes I mix eggs with leftover potatoes from dinner, but I will try them in this way.