Saturday, 16 June 2012

Prawns Sautéed in Galangal & Lemongrass ( In a chili tamarind reduction )

Prawns Sautéed in Galangal & Lemongrass 
( In a chili tamarind reduction )

1 Kg Prawns - cleaned with tails left on.
5 Dried Red Chilis .
1" Galanga minced.
3 Stalks lemongrass chopped fine.
2 Leeks - cut 1" long and double the thickness of a matchstick.
1 Red Pepper - cut like the leek.
20-25 Shallots .

Take half the galanga and lemongrass and soak it in 3 tablespoons oil for a couple of hours or overnight . Keep cling wrapped.
Use 1/3 of the marinating oil to lightly saute the vegetables . Saute the shallots and peppers first , as they soften add the leek and toss around for 1 minute . The vegetables shouldn't be limp but with a bite.Set aside.

Heat up the balance oil with the minced galanga & lemongrass , add light soy sauce and stir fry red chills with prawns till almost done . Dont overcook .

Chili Tamarind Reduction:

3 Tablespoons Tamarind Paste.
2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice.
2-3 Tablespoons Chili paste ( I used bottled ).
I Tablespoon galanga minced - Soaked in hot 250 Ml hot water.
1 Teaspoon Sugar.
Salt/Soy Sauce.

In a bit of oil ( use chili oil if possible ) stir fry chili paste and the tamarind along with the sugar and soy/salt for about 1-2 minutes . Then add the galanga with the water , Simmer  covered till reduced to half . Now add the lemon juice . At this stage taste . It should be high on salt and spice , the prawns and vegetables will balance the flavors out .When ready to serve , heat the sauce and add the prawns , cook a minute or till done . At the last moment add the vegetables .Gently mix well . 

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