Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dal Makhani

North India's favorite dal Dal Makhani , is a typical example of North West Frontier Cuisine . This recipe is adapted from Christine Manfield's 'Tasting India' , a must have book , not for its delicious recipes alone , but also for the beautiful photographs and narrations depicting the traditions of India - from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari.This is supposed to be the recipe of the famous Bukhara Dal .

300 Grams Black Urad Dal - soaked overnight then drained , rinsed and pressure cooked for 2-3 whistles in 1.5 liters water, cooled , mashed .
You now add ,160 Ml strained tomato puree along with 1 tablespoon each ginger and garlic paste , salt and red chili powder . Cover and simmer the dal an hour or more . Occasionally stir to prevent sticking .

Now add 2 Tablespoon Ghee ( original recipe calls for 125 grams unsalted butter , I found ghee better ) , and 150 Ml cream ( I used 100 ml ) . Mix well into the dal and cook another 20-30 minutes to blend well . Indeed a satisfying rich dal , best mopped up with a naan !

The dal gets darker and creamer as you cook it , if you have the time and patience cook the dal another hour or more on low heat .

Recipe From Sikandalous Cuisine

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