Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tamaatar Ka Saalan

Tamaatar saalan is I guess a more substantial relish , it goes well with just about anything and certainly perks up the meal , looks good and colorful too . There is no fixed recipe or quantities , how sweet or pungent you want it to be is again up to you . I have seen this made mashed and pasty , I prefer it slightly undercooked and ' kharra ' .

Cut your tomatoes and onions length wise or into chunks , slightly thick . In volume you should have twice the amount of tomatoes to onions . I used both green and red tomatoes . Take a generous amount of chopped garlic , some curry leaves , dried red chilies as well as green ones , left whole with a slit .

In a wok heat some oil , and splutter kilonji seeds along with the dried red chilies . When chilies turn dark add the garlic, curry leaves and hing . Don't let the garlic brown ! Next add the green chilies , onions and tomatoes and salt . Stir well and cook covered . I cooked them 5 minutes till the point that the onions were translucent and tomatoes had lost their firmness . lastly add sugar or better still add gur if you have it handy, blend flavors and tweak to your liking . We make this very spicy at home with a fair amount of sugar to give it a sweet sour and pungent taste .

Tastes great with dahi , slapped onto bread , with rice / paratha ….as I said with just about everything ! Always serve straight from the fridge or at room temperature , never hot .

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