Thursday, 12 April 2012

Crunchy Paneer / Tofu Steaks

Crunchy Paneer / Tofu Steaks

200 Grams Firm Paneer ( cut into 2 'steaks' ).

The Marinade:
1 Teaspoon Garlic Paste .
1 Teaspoon Olive Oil.
Minced Basil Leaves ( use any herb , or skip if you have none ).
Juice Of One Lemon.

Mix the above , and generously coat the paneer on both sides , poking with a toothpick to help the marination seep through . Set aside an hour or two .

The Batter:
3 Bread Slices Crumbled ( Blitz once or twice to make not too fine bread crumbs , use fresh bread left outside the whole day ).
1 Egg White.
1 Tablespoon Tempura Batter ( This gives you that wonderful crunch ).

Whisk the egg whites with the tempura batter . Coat paneer steaks in the batter and then with the bread crumbs , remove from batter and gently press the crumbs onto and all around the steaks . Rest the crumb coated steaks 15 minutes , and deep fry in medium hot oil . An amazing crunch steak !

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