Monday, 27 February 2012

Kashmiri Haak

Kashmiri Haak ( Made By @ Meenakshi Bhujwala )

After much blackmailing I finally got my friend Meenakshi Bhujwala to make her famous Haak - Don't get confused by her Parsee family name she and disregard this recipe ! Meena nee Tikku is a pucca Kashmiri Pundit at heart ! The dish was such a success that I caught her at a weak moment ( read 3 glasses of wine ! )and got her to promise to make it for my
family lunch , where again it was hugely appreciated and polished off much to my disappointment - me thinking how nice it would be to eat it again for dinner .
Here is Meenakshi's Haak and recipe as written by her:

Ingredients: 1 kg fresh 'haak' leaves
2 "karchhi" mustard oil (figure that out)
10-15 ginger juliene
1/2 tspn heeng powder
4-6 whole dried red chilly
1 Kashmiri "suchwari" or "badi/vari" masala (This is a flat tikki with garam masala in an
urad daal base)

It is available in INA market.. but specify garlic or non- garlic variety (Kash Pandits use non-garlic- Moreover, beware the red colour the commercial variety may impart to your

Wash very thoroughly,Chop off & discard the thick stems,(can retain some tender ones, but peel them to remove
the skin/'knots')and roughly chop the large leaves into 2 or max 3 pcs. leave the tiny ones whole.Heat the oil and throw in adrak, heeng and red chilly and salt. Add the haaq and turn it around. Add a cup of water. Cover with lid and cook till tender.

At the end crush/grind the vari masala and check if it needs more water. The locals like it with lots of water since they eat it with rice.

Like all traditional food recipes, every home has its minor variations so it may differ from other more traditional recipes.

There's no rocket science to it. Enjoy all winter...hard to find in summer.
Meena also mentioned that if the badi/vari masaala tikki isnt available , use a pinch of garam masala- but good without it as well.


  1. So being a pucca Kashmiri Pundit myself I would only add one key point - there is no adrak used in the traditional recipe at all. It may be a personal innovation but haak or any of its variants don't use ginger at all :)Also its best to cook haak uncovered but then maybe thats the way i like it. - Ambika Raina

  2. Hi Ambika . Your inputs and suggestions always welcome and helpful . As mentioned in the recipe , every home has its variations to all recipes I think . As this was made for me by another Kashmir Pundit - I guess we now have 2 options !