Monday, 27 February 2012

Fennel & Cherry Tomato Salad

Fennel & Cherry Tomato Salad

Greek myths state that fennel was not only closely associated with Dionysus, the Greek God of food and wine, but that a fennel stalk carried the coal that passed down knowledge from the gods to men !Fennel was revered by the Greeks and the Romans for its medicinal and culinary properties.

Fennel like other herbs and spice is loaded with health benefits . Said to reduce inflammation and to help prevent the occurrence of cancer.High in vitamin C fennel bulb may help to reduce elevated cholesterol levels. And since fiber also removes potentially carcinogenic toxins from the colon, fennel bulb may also be useful in preventing colon cancer.

And for those of you who subject others to your flatulence problem , munch this bulb please !

Medium fine slice 2-3 Bulbs of Fennel , dice half of the stalk too .
A couple of Cherry Tomatoes halved.
2-3 Tablespoons Fennel Leaves diced.
Mix the above in a bowl . For the dressing take 1 tablespoon Red Wine Vinegar , half a tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper .Mix it all and crunch through this delicious light salad .
If you don't have access to red/white wine vinegar use Balsamic Vinegar or simple Lemon Juice !

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