Saturday, 7 January 2012

Nepali Phul Ko Achaar - ( Egg ' Achaar ' )

Nepali ' achaars ' are an essential part of their meal and most often are made instantly. High on spice and generous amounts of ginger / garlic , an aromatic herb called timur and most often mustard oil is all it takes to whip up an instant achaar using most available vegetables eggs etc .

This recipe works only with mustard oil - and a whole load of it !

Boil 12 Eggs ( shell when cool and halve them )

The ' dressing '

500 Grams Thick Curd
1 Tablespoons Each Ginger & Garlic Paste.
2/3d Teaspoon Timur ( ground to a fine paste )
Red Chili Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Haldi Powder
Salt To Taste

Hang the curd for about an hour . You want to end up with the curd being of a thick but flowing consistency . Add all the spice and paste , mix well .All quantities are approximates , go with your taste buds .

Next take :
1/2 Teaspoons Methi Seeds.
10-15 Green Chilies ( make a split in them )
150 Ml Mustard oil .

Smoke the oil , when very hot splutter the methi seeds . Don let them burn or the taste will be bitter , add the green chilies till they start to become white-ish in parts ( about 20 seconds ) , and quickly mix into the curd . Mix well so that all the oil blends with the curd .

Taste . Adjust as needed . Plate your eggs as shown in the picture and spoon on the ' dressing ' . This scrumptious achaar is eaten at room temperature . Don't skimp on the oil !

Timur is widely used in the cuisine of Sichuan, China, from which it takes its name, as well asTibetan, Bhutanese, Nepalese among others. It has a unique aroma and gives a tingly sensation to the tongue . It has no substitute , however don't let that deter you . Make the recipe without it if you cant source it . 

This perhaps is one of my favorite recipes which works with every cuisine , is fast and easy and is delectable !

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