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South African Calling - 25/09/2011

Hermanus - 25/09/2011

This morning we picked up our rented car . This gives us the freedom to carry out our well worked out itinerary and for me freedom from shopping which I hate and Chin loves , as we were no longer restricted to city limits . Figuring out the GPRS was an issue , still some rough edges to be sorted out which we will by the time we hit the National Parks where we will need the GPRS and how !

Driving in Delhi has always been a nightmare for me , and I quit driving there many years ago . Driving abroad is different . Road sense , courtesy and beautiful well laid out and marked roads make driving a pleasure . Map in hand we headed off to Hermanus 120 KM out of Cape Town .

Hermanus is also known as the Riviera of the south . It's sandy white long beaches , beautiful blue waters are a visual treat as are the shrubs and plants that dot the landscape . 

Around all this is a small town that survives on it's tourist trade - most of whom come here to whale watch ! Hermanus also has  the world’s only Whale Crier  who sounds his kelp horn to announce where whales have been sighted - a tourist attraction on it's own !

From exquisite beaches to cosmopolitan cafes , Hermanus - South Africa's most popular coastal village has something for everyone . 

We spent the entire day walking along the coastline , stopping to try and catch a glimpse whales sprout water , or if lucky see them dive with their tails still out of water .

Lunch was again salad - not the healthy one , but chicken and tuna - both excellent ! A day well spent. 

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