Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Snow peas and Green beans salad in coconut reduction:


String beans and snow peas .
1 onion sliced long and very thin - fried dark brown and crisp.
10 cloves of garlic sliced long and thin and fried till they too are dark brown.
3-4 table spoons of finely crushed peanuts - keep a few half / whole too if you like .
1 stick of galanga - pref the fresh one soaking in 1 cup coconut milk .

Keep iced water ready at hand .

In a large pan of boiling hot water which has 1 teaspoon of sugar , throw in the beans . Wait 10 seconds , add the snow peas and take out and strain at once .
Cool under running water and plunge into iced water to chill and prevent further cooking.

Coconut reduction / dressing
1 cup/can Coconut milk with a stick of galanga soaking in it for an hour or longer .
3-4 table spoons crushed peanuts
salt to taste .

Over low heat simmer the coconut milk until it thickens and is roughly half the quantity . When the coconut milk has reduced to half add the crushed peanuts . Cool down the dressing . You may or may not need salt .
Plate the greens which should be crunchy . Dress with the coconut reduction . Chill the salad covered with cling wrap.
Before serving sprinkle the crispy fried garlic and onions .


  1. Hi Atul, I tried this recipe this afternoon and I love it. The next time around though, I will fry the onions only to a point they are sweet/caramelised and perhaps I will try using fresh coconut milk.

    Atul, what was the purpose of the sugar in the hot water? Was it for flavor or does it do something else to the vegetable? I am curious, is this your own creation?

    Thanks for posting this recipe. Cheers. Susan Koshy

  2. Hi Susan ,
    Am happy to read that the recipe worked well for you . The reason why I browned the onions was to counter the sweetness of the coconut milk , but do brown them less - that will work beautifully too .

    Ya this recipe is my creation . I play around with whats handy at home , and thought this up while wondering how to dress my greens ! I so appreciate your email . It's encouraging as I am not a professionally trained cook and cook purely for pleasure .

    While boiling any green vegetable , add a teaspoon of sugar to the water , that ensures that the vegetables retain their beautiful green color , and dont pale out due to to boiling ! I will add this to the recipe too .

    Happy cooking susan !

  3. Thank you Atul for your response. Fascinated to read your comments. In my case, the coconut milk was not that sweet so I thought perhaps the onions are meant to add the sweetness. I have to say that I enjoyed and was astonished watching the colors of the greens change - now I understand why it happens. I am also very curious how creations such as these form with you - for example how did you connect coconut milk with the greens. For another day. Cheers. Susan

  4. Hi Susan , onions fried for crispyness - they wont give a bitter taste . You want to have fun with this recipe or such a recipe ? Take 3 tablespoons of mayo , 1 of curd and 1 1/2 teaspoons of a nice strong mustard . Thats a new dressing for this salad ! Try it , amazing flavor - ya , salt if needed , depending upon the mustard you use , increase / decrease to tweak the taste ! You can find me on FB and add me there atul sikand

  5. Hey Atul, I used Mayo dressing for the salad with mushrooms and beans that you have posted. And yes, the dressing is very good. I was looking for some mayo and mustard in my refrigerator and found a bottle of Dijonnaise. So that is what I used. The texture of the mushrooms was excellent.

  6. Superb ! Now have a chicken in tomato reduction . Probably my last posting for a month as I am traveling to South Africa . However I do hope to return , inspired to whip up a jungle of recipes here too !

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