Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kokam Chili Prawns

Kokam Chili Prawns

This very simple recipe was given to me by Raj my Goan taxi driver's mother  ! As I always ask for him when in Goa , over the years he has become a part of my Goan household and often gets his mother to cook me a dish . She made this amazing and simple Kokam Chili Prawn in all of ten minutes for me !

Try using an earthen pot if possible . Amazing flavors when food is cooked in them .

500 Grams Prawns cleaned , flattened with tails intact .
6-8 Shallots cut in half .**
8-10 Garlic Cloves minced .
4 Dried Red Chilies torn into smaller pieces .
6 Green Chilies with slits .
4-6 pieces of Kokam cut into two .

Flatten your prawns ,  do not break them .

Place your wok/earthen pot on a medium fire , add only 6 tablespoons water . Place all the ingredients but the prawns in the wok , cover and cook for a minute to soften the shallots .When shallots are semi soft add the prawns , stir it all to mix the ingredients and blend flavors, cover and cook over low heat for 7-8 minutes .
That's all there is to this amazing dish ! And yes - it's oil free too !

** Shallots taste somewhat like a common onion, but have a sweeter, milder, and yet richer and more complex flavor.


  1. Yummy..Why do we flatten the prawns and what's the use of keeping the tails.

  2. Hey Arun - will make these for you next time we are together figuring out the sensex ! Flatten them coz they tend to roll and shrivel up which doesnt allow the flavors to spread evenly.
    The tails / shells have a lot of flavor which goes into the gravy … some people eat them too .
    Makes them look bigger !