Friday, 26 August 2011

Goan Masala Fish

Goan Masala Fish

400 Grams Fish Cut in 2" Pieces.
 15 Curry Leaves.
3-5 Whole Red Chilies .


Masala :
3 Shallots or 1 medium sized onions diced .
5 Cloves Garlic ( chopped ).
5-7 Black Pepper Corn.
5-7 Whole Dried Red Chills .
10 Curry Putta Leaves.
1 Tablespoon Whole Coriander Seeds .
2-3 Komum pieces / 1 Tablespoons Tamarind Extract .
Dot of Haldi / Turmeric Powder
Grind the above ' Masala ' ingredients into a fine paste . 
To add later to the cooked masaal , 1/2 a grated coconut .

In a wok add 2 tablespoons oil . When hot throw in 3-5 whole red chillies and 15 curry putta / leaves .

Immediately add the paste  , and cook covered over low heat adding a bit of water if needed until oil begins to separate . The masala at all times should be a semi wet mass .

When the oil  begins to separate add the grated coconut , blend in with the masala , cook covered over low heat for another minute or two .

Add the fish and stir fry over medium neat for about 1 minute to marry the fish with the masala ,cover and cook another 6-7 minutes till fish is done .

Remove from heat , add juice of 1 lemon , adjust flavors and eat with rice or roti . You can add a small quantity of water if you want a thick gravy .
Super fast , super tasty !


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