Sunday, 3 July 2011

Green Salad With Parsley Dressing .

Parsley Dressing .

No fixed formula here , as always go with the flow and your taste buds ! I use this dressing as a marinade too . Works very well with Fish and Tofu / Paneer as it does with crunchy greens , or even plain boiled potatoes !

3 Tablespoons Chopped Parsley - retain stems , they have the most flavor !
2 Cloves Garlic.
2 Green Chillies .
5-7 Whole Seeded Green Olives .
100 Ml. Extra Virgin Olive Oil .
Salt .

Use a mortar and pestle to grind all ingredients ( or blend in mixi ) , adjust the flavors and refrigerate in a sealed jar to use as and when . Tastes divine . Is simple , fresh and made in 5 minutes ! 

The Greens - Go with what you have . I parboiled for under 1 minute asparagus , broccoli ( separately ) . Always boil fresh green vegetables in water to which a dash of sugar has been added - that helps them retain their beautiful green color , and when done , strain and plunge into iced water to stop further cooking . Salad ingredients must retain that crisp crunch !

Wash your lettuce carefully and thoroughly , break / tear into chunks. Watch out for dead bugs hanging out inside the lettuce !Rinse well a couple of times and then put the leaves in iced salted water . The ice will retain the crispiness , the salt kills all germs.Strain and give a final rinse with iced water when ready to use .

Fresh asparagus can be eaten without peeling . Peeling is usually recommended for thick asparagus, since it has a tougher woody stem. Chop off the bottom end where the stem is white and tough - about 1.2 inch off the bottom .Peeling away the tougher skin near the bottom of the spears will help them cooking more evenly. To peel asparagus use a standard vegetable peeler and peel from the base upwards , just short of the tender spears - about 2 inches short of the top .
Now plate the lettuce / salad leaves on the platter , drizzle some dressing . In a bowl place the vegetables , stir in the dressing and serve on the bed of lettuce / salad leaves ! For color add some tomatoes , some olives - if you have capers sprinkle them for that surprise bites . Chunks of cheese , Feta ... bread croutons - it's your salad so have fun with it !--
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