Thursday, 30 June 2011

Green Prawns - Another no fuss recipe

This one is a simple recipe and it's as exotic as it's simple , Enjoy !

12-15 large prawns shelled and de veined , flatten them slightly - keep their tails intact .

The Paste :
10 Cloves of garlic .
6 Curry putta leaves .
2-3 Green chillies with seeds if you like it pungent .
5-8 Whole black pepper corns .
1 tablespoon oil.
Juice of 1 lemon .

Saute the paste for about 1 minute in about two tablespoons oil , just enough  to release the flavours . Cool and grind to a fine paste and marinade the prawns for an hour or two .

In a wok with just about a teaspoon of oil cook the prawns over high heat for 2 minute , reduce heat , mix in the lemon juice and cook covered for not more than another 2 minutes . They should be done by now .
Serve with whatever greens .

In this recipe I par boiled the broccoli for 30 seconds in water to which a teaspoon of sugar had been added ..and stir fried it in the same wok ( without washing it ) after removing the prawns - gave the broccoli some of the flavours of the prawn masaala !

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