Sunday, 22 May 2011

Slovakian Sourdough bread ( 2nd version with Oats )

Slovakian Sourdough bread ( 2nd version with Oats )

Dough Starter

1 Cup Flour .
1 Teaspoon Dry Yeast .
1/2 Cup Warm Water .

Mix the above , cover and set in warm dark place overnight to ferment .

Dough Mix 

1 Cup Warm Water .
1 Teaspoon Salt .
3/4 Cup Thick Sour Yogurt .
1 Cup Flour ( Maida )

1 Cup Oat Bran
2 Cups Wheat Flour .
1 1/2 Cups Ragi / Millet Flour .
1 Teaspoon Sugar .
1 1/2 Teaspoons Dry Yeast .

mix and kneed all the above for a good 10 minutes or run the dough programe on your machine . Place the dough in a large bowl which has been lightly oiled .Cover with a wet cloth and allow the dough to double in size - aprox 1 hour .

Lightly make a ball of the dough and place in a 8" round baking tray - again place in a warm place to rise - another hour .
Brush the bread with warm milk - sprinkle sesame if you like , I sprinkled chopped chives as I had them in the fridge .
Preheat oven to 250 C , place a bowl of water at the bottom to create steam / humidity in the oven and bake the bread 20 minutes .
Next lower temperature to 180 C , bake another 25 minutes .
The bread should be done , and upon tapping on the top you should get a hollow sound .
Brush the bread with oil / butter immediately after taking out from the oven . Cool on rack .
You get a fantastic crunchy loaf which is soft from inside .


  1. Hi,

    Have a few questions:

    1. How about the timing for microwaves? I don't have an oven and do all my baking-shaking in a microwave?

    2. Is the steaming bit a must?

    3. If I want to glaze the bread, what's the substitute for egg?


  2. Hi Shaluu , am hopeless with micro cooking so would love it if you shared a recipe or two with us here - am sure many members would like that too .
    Glazes - use milk and water - milk gives that satiny look , cream gives a richer color .
    Glaxe with melted butter when baking is done and the rolls are hot - superb finish . Fruit glazes if you are interested in ?
    Steam during the early stages gives a ' spring ' to the bread and keps the crust crunchy and the inside soft .
    Hope this is of help - and seriously do share your micro recipes here please .