Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Plated Meal

A Plated Meal - Your imagination will make it perfect !

This dish has no recipe as such other than a very interesting dressing which can be used on cold or hot salads / foods .
The Dressing :

5 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil .
5 Tablespoons balsamic Vinegar .
Zest of one Lemon ( Golf Ball Size . )
5-7 Cloves Garlic .
Salt to taste .

Liquidize all the above in a food processor . Use what you need and bottle and refrigerate the rest for later use .
For the salad

I used avocado , asparagus , some chopped prunes and canned artichoke hearts . 
The salad was lightly dressed with the salad dressing .
Take your greens , tomatoes , beans ... play with the concept and enjoy a great meal !

The fish fillet / Tofu / Paneer 

Marinated in 1 teaspoon olive oil , salt and freshly pounded black pepper . 
Pan fry on a non stick pan with no extra oil .

You can use any vegetables that you have handy .

How to make zest of lemon .

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