Thursday, 19 May 2011

Paneer / Tofu / Cottage Cheese ' steaks '

Paneer / Tofu / Cottage Cheese ' steaks '

The quantities mentioned here are simply for indication .

Take a 2-3 chunks of paneer / tofu the size of a 100 gram butter pack . Marinade it with a bit of garlic paste mixed in olive oil , just enough to coat them . Now prick the ' steaks ' with a fork and set aside while you cook the topping .

The Topping :

1 mushroom packet , washed and cut into about 1/2 " bits .
About 1/2 cup chopped leak / spring onions or even plain onions .
2 Tomatoes chopped like the mushrooms .
1/2 Red / and or yellow pepper chopped .
Freshly ground black pepper and chopped garlic to your taste .
Light soy sauce / salt
Olive oil .

Use any of the above or substitute according to whatever you have handy at home .

In warm olive oil place the pepper and garlic , let it splutter then add all ingredients but the mushrooms . Cook covered till just about soft . Now over very high heat add mushrooms and cook another 2 minutes . Cook open so that the water the mushrooms gives out evaporates . Adjust taste .

In a non-stick pan lightly fry the steaks , just enough to get a hint of a color - about 1 minute on each side .
Plate the steaks and top with the salsa .

Super fast and a light meal too.

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