Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lal Murg - Red Chicken

Jungli Lal Murg

This Rajasthani dish is the simplest one I have ever cooked and fantastic to eat . Traditionally cooked while on a hunt with little ingredients at hand the game was cooked with dried red chilies salt and ghee 
. Nothing else . I made this last night for the first time for a dinner at home and it turned out fantastic .

1 Kg Chicken
15 Whole Large Red Dry Chillies , broken into three pieces.
200 Grams Ghee .
Garlic ( 1 teaspoon minced ) is now used though not in the original recipe .

Cut the chicken in 12 pieces , make slits .
Wash but don't dry the chicken .
Heat ghee , add chicken , when it turns a slight red add salt and the red chillies .
Cook covered over very low heat . You may add a tablespoon of water IF needed .
Cook till tender .
That's all !
You end up with an exceptional dish that looks great and tastes better .
Dont get daunted by the red chillies , it's medium pungent .

Ghee is clarified butter , use normal oil if none other is available . 
Dont let the simplicity of this dish put you off , it's a must make .

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