Friday, 20 May 2011

Gooseberry Pie

Gooseberry Pie 

The Filling :

6 Bunches of Gooseberries washed and cut the larger ones into two .
Sugar - begin with a cup and adjust towards the end . ( You probably will use two cups as these berries tend to be quite sweet and sour . )
1 teaspoon Cinnamon powder.
1/2 Teaspoon Clove powder .
2 Tablespoons corn flour .

In a large sauce pan cook the gooseberries , they will soon leave lots of juice , continue cooking till the berries are soft - not dead ! Now strain the berries retaining the juice which you reduce in the sauce pan till you have about cup of liquid left . Now add the sugar , when its dissolved add the berries . You will get a good idea of the taste which you can adjust according to the sweetness needed . Dissolve the corn flour in a bit of water , stir in and cook till the filling has thickened .

The Pastry :
225-250 Grams Flour - better results when sifted .
100-120 Grams Chilled Butter .
A Pinch of Salt .
Some iced water , as needed .

Mix salt and flour . Cut butter into small cubes . Using your finger tips lightly rub the butter into the flour , it should resemble bread crumbs , so don't knead the dough , just play with it till you end with a mass of bread crumbs looking like stuff !

Now sprinkle the iced water - minimum amount , and gather the crumbs into a firm ( but not hard ) ball . Ensure it doesn't get sticky or the pastry will crack .

Next coat an 8" flan with butter . DO NOT roll the dough . Take small amounts of the dough and pat onto and on the sides of the pastry dish / mould .

Make small gashes on the base , bake pastry for about 25 minutes .

Preheat oven 170 -180C / aprox 325 - 350 F . Bake for about 25 minutes .

The Assembly :

On the hot pastry shell base sprinkle sugar . Spoon the filling . And you end up with this beautiful pie !

To Serve :

Serve either warm along with ice cream / double cream or chilled on its own or with ice cream .

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