Friday, 20 May 2011

Fish Masaala Fry

This recipe has no fixed ingredients or quantities , go with your taste ! Also you can use whole fish or fillets . Make a couple of slits if using whole fish .

Make a paste out of dried red chillies that have been soaked in a bit of hot water , remove seeds and grind to a fine paste with some garlic and salt . Paste can also be made using green chillies . Let the paste stand for half an hour allowing the flavors to emerge . You can also make in a larger volume and refrigerate .

Next clean and pat dry the fish / fillets . Rub some haldi / turmeric powder and let the fish stand for 10 minutes before applying the paste all over .
You don't really need to marinade the fish .

In a non stick pan shallow fry the fish over medium heat . Cook till medium brown on both sides .

Try not to disturb the fillets while they are frying so that the paste gets sealed onto the body and doesn't stick to the bottom of your pan .

Squeeze lime juice while serving if you so desire .

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