Saturday, 21 May 2011

Chicken roulade

This rather fancy looking dish is very easy to make , and takes home fine dining to a new level !

The quantity of ingredients will vary with how much you are making , so adjust accordingly .

Take a chicken breast fillet , place it between cling wrap and pound gently till its half in thickness . While pounding , try and ' square ' the breast as best as you can ensuring the fillet doesn't tear .

Remove the fillet from the cling wrap , sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese on the fillet and cover the fillet with a layer of bacon  . Next sprinkle some dried herbs or fresh ones on the bacon .

Next cover the bacon with uncooked spinach leaves - 2-3 per fillet , sprinkle some chopped ( preferably ) sun dried tomatoes , and if possible some diced mushrooms which have been sauteed in advance . 

Sprinkle some freshly grounded pepper and grated Parmesan on top . 

Now firmly , but not tightly roll the assembled fillet , wrap it up in silver foil . Wrap very securely twisting the ends so that no liquid escapes from inside . wrap a couple times to be on the safe side .

Place the rolls in a baking dish , bake at 180C/350F for about 25 minutes . Remove from oven , let the roll stand for 5 minutes and then unwrap on a dish . Now slice the rolls with a sharp knife , and serve in it's own juices or if desired a cream sauce .

The cream Sauce , keep it simple so that the flavors of the Chicken Roulande aren't lost .In 1 table spoon of olive oil crackle some freshly ground black pepper , add 60 ml white wine , salt , when it bubbles remove from heat and stir in 70-90 ml  cream . Spoon over and around the sliced chicken .

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