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Bhapa Sorshe Illish #sikandalouscuisine

Recipe Bong Appetit India

I now know why the world goes mad about Hilsa - Though thorny , the flesh is so tasty ! I have to thank friend and member Partha Bong Appetit India for not just supplying the freshest of seafood , but also for the occasional recipe he throw in .. such as this one - which means all ' authenticity ' problems are his !!

Steamed Hilsa in Mustard Sauce
Recipe - Ingredients
4 to 5 Hilsa/Ilish Pcs. ( preferably thick steaks size )
3 to 4 ​Tablespoons ​M​ustard ​Oi​l
2 ​Tablespoons​ ​​Yogurt
1/2 ​Teaspoon​ ​Turmeric ​​Powder​ - I Used fresh haldi​
2-3 ​​Green ​Chili​- S​lit ... garnish purpose
For the paste:
2 ​Tablespoon​ ​Mustard Seeds ( black )
1 ​Tablespoon​ ​​Poppy ​Seeds – Posto / khas khas (white)
3-4 ​Green Chilie

First step – Shorshe bata paste ( Mustard paste ) :
Soak the ingredients for the paste in 1/2 cup of water for about 40 -45 minutes. Grind the mustard, green chilli & poppy seeds with salt to make a thick paste.

Second Step - In a bowl add the above mustard paste + Yogurt + 2 tsp Mustard Oil + Turmeric powder +salt to taste. Mix well. This is the mustard sauce you will use for the fish.

Third step : Mix thick mustard paste with Illish

Final step : Pressure Cooker
Take a Bowl coat it with mustard oil & Place the Illish pieces in the bowl in one single layer. Pour the prepared mustard sauce over it so that it covers all the fish pieces nicely. Add 3- 4 slit green chili on the top and drizzle 1 tsp or more of Mustard Oil on them...
Put in the pressure cooker and steam for 2 or 3 whistles. Bhapa Illish is ready ​to be eaten with hot rice !

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